October Program Update – New Date!

Our October meeting and Year End Party will be Saturday, October 29 at the Sunny Hills Church of Christ in Fullerton.

The end of year party will include our pincushion stitch-in. We want to make as many pincushions as we can, so please bring your stitched pieces. We will provide stuffing, crushed walnut shells, pellon, sewing machines etc. Feel free to stitch one if you do not already have something on hand. If you cannot attend, mail them to Lynette ahead of time and we will put them together for you (see newsletter coupon for her address).

If you can provide a sewing machine and/or an ironing station for the day (pins, thread too), please email Nita at scotia1148@yahoo.com to let her know.

Let’s do a great job for the Breast Cancer Research Fundraiser at the Attic this year!