2013 Girl with Flower Baskets – Hemstitching Instructions

Hello Guild members! Linda sent these instructions along for you to add to the kit details she went over in June. 

The details of the hem stitch for the “Girl with Flower Baskets”:

*  Before you begin to pull any threads, measure your finished stitched piece to make sure if you do the hem stitch as explained, it will fit on your bag.  The count on the linen threads can be adjusted.  The finished bag width is just shy of 10 inches wide.

Count 7 threads away from the border on all sides – pull the 8th thread.
Count 8 threads away and pull the 9th thread – do this two more times….counting 8 and pulling the 9th.
Fold linen on the pulled thread line – you will fold two times to meet the first pulled thread space.

The hem stitch is worked on the wrong side of the linen using sewing thread that matches your linen.  Work from left to right.  Knot your thread and hide it in the folded linen.  Take a “nip” in the linen and working to the right, go under three linen threads (from the first pulled space) needle with enter from right to left, pull tightly and take another nip in the linen and continue across.  You may get to the end and there are four threads left instead of three…go under two and then two more….it won’t show….turn corner and continue.

Hope that helps with the finishing.