2014 Programs

Date Day Time Program
January 11 Saturday 10:00AM Annual Scissor Fob with Melinda + Lunch.
February 8 Saturday 10:00AM “Downton Abbey” Jewelry lecture with Trunk Show + High Tea.
March 17 Monday 6:00PM Elizabeth Talledo of Dames of the Needle – Quaker v Shaker Sewing Tools lecture with choice of two smalls to stitch. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see description of the lecture and picture of the stitched smalls. Closed for kits. All members can attend.
April 12 Saturday 10:00AM Catherine Theron’s Quaker Sewing Roll + lunch (program will be taught by guild). Kits have been ordered. Lunch order deadline is April 7.
May 31 Saturday 10:00AM Karen Reese of DAR – Lecture – “American Women’s Fashions, 1760-1925”.
June 28 Saturday 10:00AM Open stitching event.
July 26 Saturday 10:00AM “A Token of Friendship” with Nita Brock, OCSG Program Chair Emeritus
August No meeting or program.
September 20 Saturday 10:00AM Lynette Lundquist – Vintage Box and Doily Thread Keep. Deadline to sign up is Sept 10 (not available by mail).
October 24 Friday 10:00AM Sherri Jones of Patrick’s Woods – A Gift By Hand Conferred + lunch. See program info here Flyer for Gift by Hand Conferred program.
October 25 Saturday 10:00AM Sherri Jones of Patrick’s Woods – The Lounging Hare Sewing Box + lunch. See program info here Flyer for Lounging Hare program.
November No meeting or program.
December No meeting or program.

March Program Information: 

Quaker VS Shaker Sewing Implements and Accessories Program

Be ready to hear about religion, sex, politics, friendship, stitching, and about two very diverse industrious groups of people. Yes all of the taboo topics discussed in one lecture. Come spend a couple of hours with Elizabeth Ann Talledo of Dames of the Needle as she share with you her collection of Shaker needlework pieces and shows you pictures of Quaker needlework pieces. She will explain the differences and similarities of the two religious sects and how they helped shaped the stitching worlds of each of these groups.

Quaker Fob: This quaint scissor fob is stitched on 32 count Vintage Pear from Lakeside Linen using Dried Thyme thread from The Gentle Art. The piece is Cross Stitch over one with room for personalization. All of the finishing supplies will be provided with the kit. This piece will use a flat finishing technique using Stem Stitch edging to close the openings. An interesting twisted cording technique will be taught and discussed in class.

Front of fob:

Quaker Fob - back

Back of fob:

Quaker fob - back

Quaker Pin Round: This companion piece to the fob was also stitched on 32 count Vintage Pear from Lakeside Linen using Dried Thyme thread from The Gentle Art. The finishing technique is a Blind Stitch technique to sew up the back of the piece and to attach the round bottom and top. The edging is for the top and bottom is Cotton Chenille that is hand dyed by From the Cauldron by Dames of the Needle. All of the finishing supplies will be provided with the kit.

Quaker Pin Round