Merry Cox – A Young Lady’s Workbox & My Heart Holds thy Love

September 17th Merry will be teaching two classes at OCSG.   The morning class will be devoted to Young Lady’s Workbox, a beautifully painted sewing box with compartments to hold your stitched treasures.  A stitched tray with very unique finishing, can be removed to hold threads, buttons, scissors, ruler, etc.  Also stitched a pincushion, pin keep, and needle case.  Kit includes hand painted workbox, all materials for stitching and finishing. merryworkbox

The afternoon class will be an exclusive class to OCSG My Heart Holds Thy Love, a Shaker mini carrier, 4 3/4″ x  3 1/4″ with a child’s hand as the pattern for the overlap.  Inside the carrier Merry has designed a heart made from velvet featuring hands and another heart reproduced from Merry’s collection which opens revealing love sentiments.  To complete the set a stitched banner held onto the handle with a vintage brass clip and sprig of antique German flowers. merrymyheartbox

Please note these classes are not available by mail and you must be in attendance to take the class.

Contact Carol Hayes for more information